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SandwichMan is London's leading "Lunch to your Desk" service.

Our story began over 25 years ago with a man called Jim & 10 cheese and pickle rolls made from his tiny kitchen in Kensington. Jim had a good idea that day! Today the SandwichMan story continues but looks very different with...


90 Sandwich Men and Women riding...

90 SandwichMan bikes pulling...

90 BIG RED branded trailers holding over...

720 Thermo chiller boxes FULL of our delicious food visiting more than...

1,800 officies & workplaces daily selling over...

10,000 freshly made sandwiches and rolls and serving over...



1,000 cups of piping hot delicious soup all starting from...

4 major London depots and...

1 very big and fully audited incredibly shiny production kitchen so that you can have...



A day in the life

A day in the life... 1 of 6

Our freshly baked bread is delivered early every morning

A day in the life... 2 of 6

Our Chefs start while you're still sleeping, to ensure we bring a varied selection each day

A day in the life... 3 of 6

Your Sandwich Men and Women arrive to pack up their thermo cool boxes, ready to visit offices all over London

A day in the life... 4 of 6

The thermo cool boxes are then placed in our custom made cooler trailers, keeping everything fresh and delicious

A day in the life... 5 of 6

We then hit the roads and visit our loyal customers everyday, come rain or shine!

A day in the life... 6 of 6

Visiting our customers with our 'cool' selection so that you can enjoy your LUNCH!

Our food

is a [[day]] in week [[week]]
Our soups of the day are

Our hot foods are

Download our menus and explore all that we have to offer

SandwichMan Platters

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Holding a meeting, training course, or catering for clients?

Our partner company Sands Catering can deliver fresh, easy to serve working lunch platters that happen to be delicious too!

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Go Green

We are keen to be green at SandwichMan and this is how we do it:

How we go Green... 1 of 4


Pedal Power

Our business is fully reliant on pedal power.
We run a fleet of 120 bicycles that are also used for running errands and attending meetings.


Local Suppliers

We believe in working with our neighbours and use local bakers, green grocers and butchers, where possible, for our ingredients. All out suppliers are within a 4 mile radius of our kitchens.

How we go Green... 2 of 4


How we go Green... 3 of 4


Part of our Local Community

We work with local charities for redistributing our unsold items each day. We hire our team from the local area and all our sandwiches are made by hand - no machines - therefore keeping people in work.


Environmentally Conscious

SandwichMan is zero waste to landfill.
We keep our waste to a minimum and use biodegradeable or recycled packaging where possible.
We recycle rain water to wash our vehicles and keep our bikes clean. We need more rain!!
SandwichMan proudly participates in the "Food Save Project."
SandwichMan is a member of the "Zero Emmissions Network."

How we go Green... 4 of 4

Meet the Team

Meet some of our superstars


from Spain

SandwichMan area

Salsa Dancing and learning new languages, at the same time!

Traffic jams in the City


from Argentina

SandwichMan area

Outdoor spaces, the parks and the architecture

Swimming, dancing, partying and having good times.


from New Zealand

SandwichMan area

so much to do and see it sends your average Kiwi crazy!

Going to the pub when not watching or playing cricket and rugby


from Spain

SandwichMan area

Loves football - Go Real Madrid!

Barcelona FC!


from Spain

SandwichMan area

The Parks and meeting new people

The weather


from Brazil

SandwichMan area

Playing football and is a former gymnast

Doesn't like fish but loves a good BBQ


from Essex

SandwichMan area
Covent Garden

Exceeding expectations of his customers

Sorry, but black-cab drivers!!

If you are self motivated, fit and want to work for yourself you might have what it takes to become a SandwichMan or Woman! We give you lots of support and training and help you develop a successful round. All we ask is that you listen to the advice we give and do your best. Great Sandwich-people come in all ages and shapes and sizes, personality is EVERYTHING!

If you feel like you want to take the challenge fill in the form below and if there is a round coming free we will give you a call

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Hospitality & Events

If you are looking for something a little more varied for your catered meetings, conferences, training courses etc, look no further than Sands Catering & Events who are part of our family.

Sands Catering Menus


Wow your colleagues, friends & family with one of our beautiful & delicious hand crafted cakes, desserts and wonderful ideas baked to order.

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Coronavirus / COVID-19

In response to the additional risks of the coronavirus Sandwichman has put in place the following Policies to minimise the risk of contracting and transmission of the virus

Strict food hygiene rules are already in place in the production kitchens, but extra vigilance is being taken which include

- All franchisees to adopt extra hygiene awareness at home and whilst coming to work

- Wash hands thoroughly when they arrive to work

- Inform us if they are feeling feverish or unwell so we have refer them to 111

- Inform us if they plan to visit any countries where the outbreak is considered High risk

- When going to each stop (where possible ask the customers on site if they can wash their hands before they start selling and before they leave, we are sure customers will support and welcome this). Where this is not possible can you ask the round people to use an alcohol hand gel (this will visibly show the customers that we are doing the right things and make them far more willing to have us in their buildings)